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Wellcome Trust announces Call for Applications for Open Research Fund

Deadline: 12-Mar-21

Wellcome Trust has announced a call for applications for the Open Research Fund to support researchers to develop and test incentives for making health research more open, accessible and reusable.

Wellcome Trust welcomes proposals that encourage collaboration across international borders, and between different organisations, sectors and disciplines. They encourage you to consider including a team member or collaborator with behavioural or social science expertise.

Wellcome Trust doesn’t want to be prescriptive with this funding – you should go to them with your ideas. Examples could include the following:

  • Develop and test new metrics to track the impact of making a full range of research outputs open and accessible. Assign credit to researchers and their teams (which may include data scientists, software developers and others).
  • Pilot new approaches to recognise and reward open research contributions in research assessment processes – including recruitment, promotion, tenure and funding.
  • Test novel approaches to stimulate or nudge behaviour change within or across research fields – for example, developing rewards to recognise good practice.
  • Develop and evaluate approaches to embed open research behaviours within organisations or research fields – for example, trialling novel approaches for training researchers or supporting networks of open research ‘champions’.

Funding Information

  • You can ask for funding of up to £100,000 for up to two years.

Funds can be used for a range of costs such as:

  • Salaries;
  • Development costs;
  • Licensing and computational costs;
  • Activities to manage and share research data, software or materials resulting from your proposed activities;
  • Dissemination and engagement costs;
  • Costs of evaluating your project;
  • Research management and support costs (overheads);
  • Travel costs;
  • Contingency costs, as long as these are reasonable and you can justify them;
  • VAT on fees where the VAT can’t be reclaimed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You can apply to the Open Research Fund if you want to develop and test incentives for making health research more open, accessible and reusable.
  • These awards are open to individuals or teams of up to six members.
  • Applicants can be based anywhere in the world apart from mainland China.
  • You can apply if you’re based at:
    • An academic research organisation;
    • A not-for-profit body;
    • A private sector organisation.

For more information, visit