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Prijavi se na besplatan online kurs – CODING FOR DESIGNERS

Coding for Designers is a free, self-paced introductory course to HTML and CSS for designers with graphic design experience. No prior web or coding experience is necessary.


Students will learn how to translate graphic design to the web; about common pitfalls many print designers face when moving to the web; the basics of how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together; how to prototype designs into working web pages; and how to troubleshoot layout and code problems when they come up.


  • Lesson 1: How Web Design Is Different From Print DesignAn introduction to design principles on the web. We’ll explore examples and discuss context, but won’t begin coding yet.
  • Lesson 2: “Hello World,” Coding Pages, And Fixing ProblemsAn introduction to coding HTML5 and CSS. We’ll set up our tools and start building pages.
  • Lesson 3: Page Layout And Color With CSSA deep-dive into CSS and how to merge visual design with website language. We’ll cover layout boxes, shapes, color, and the basics of page layout.
  • Lesson 4: Typography On The WebA focused introduction to what can (and can’t) be done with type on web pages. We’ll cover typefaces and licensing, sizing type, leading and kerning, and drop shadows.
  • Lesson 5: Create A Mobile WebsiteThe “mobile first” philosophy and why it’s useful for web designers. We’ll cover buttons, links, and scrolling layouts.
  • Lesson 6: Create A Complete Website With Twitter BootstrapIt’s time to apply for the final project: building a desktop website from a comp with the help of the very popular Twitter Bootstrap framework.


The software requirements for this class are somewhat flexible. It makes no difference whether your computer setup is old or more modern, or whether you have the Adobe suite of design software or not. Many of the assignments can use whatever design software you are most familiar with. That being said, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mac or Windows desktop or laptop
  • A text editor built for HTML/CSS (We suggest Atom, it’s free, and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux)
  • Google Chrome web browser

More information you can find on the LINK.