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MediaFutures 1st Open Call

Call title: 1st Open call of the H2020 MediaFutures project, the European data-driven innovation hub for the media value chain
Project full name: MediaFutures, Data-driven innovation hub for the media value chain
Project acronym: MediaFutures
Grant agreement number: 951962
Publication date: 23 November 2020
Deadline: 28 January 2021 at 24.00 (Brussels time)
Expected duration of participation: 6 months
Overall budget: €5 183 000
Maximum grant amount (EU contribution): €4 994 712.50
€2.5 Million Innovation fund distributed to startups, SMEs and artists within the open calls.
Up to €80 000 equity free funding per startup/SME and up to €40 000 equity free funding per artist

Submission & evaluation process:

  1. Identify Track and Challenge
    a.There are three tracks; Startups for Citizens (SfC), Startup meets Artist (SmA), and Artists for Media (AfM)
    b.There are four different challenges to choose from (Viral Complexity, Building Bridges, The New Media-tors, Open Challenge)
  2. Complete and submit application
    a.Register on F6S platform
    b.For this provide the following documents: Administrative form, Proposal form, Video, Additional artistic material, Declaration of Honour, Residencies Charter (SmA & AfM Track)
  3. Selection Process
    a.Eligibility Checks
    c.Consensus Meeting of the Evaluation Panel
    d.Notification to Applicants
  4. Enter START Phase
    a.1 month Negotiate project outcomes, participation in pitch contest to access BUILD Phase
    b.Up to €5 000 funding
  5. Access to BUILD Phase
    a.5 months: Initial Demo of proposed work, regular progress meetings for access to EXHIBIT Phase, training, mentoring, legal, technical & administrative supportb.Up to €65 000 funding
  6. Access to EXHIBIT Phase
    a.Demo Day (Final Event – Pitching competition) for a prize of up to €10 000

For detailed information, please download the application kit here

Further information:
Contact persons:
Alexandra Garatzogianni (Coordinator – LUH):
Alina Brockob (Project Manager & Business Developer – LUH):
Gerrit Rosam (Project Manager & Business Developer – LUH):
MediaFutures website:
Open call support:
For more information, please contact or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

Task descriptionTask – Calls’ preparation and launch: ZABALA will be in charge of coordinating the activities and publication. All partners will be responsible to assess and define the targets of the call, and to promote via all communication channels, including the partners’ networks and their multipliers. The consortium will launch three different calls during the project lifetime. We will develop all documentation required for the three open calls, The proposals will be articulated through an online application form (F6S), consisting of several parts/documents, which will be the basis for the evaluation for the three tracks. The call will be published on F6S. The calls will be opened for three months after their publication: M3 to M5 for the 1st call; M14 to M16 for the 2nd call; and M25 to M26 for the third call. The presentation of the proposals will be done via the F6S platform; all the details will be provided in the guidelines for applicants. This will include references to training materials on the use of the experimentation platform, the available datasets, and the ways to access them, but also information about the call, the call tracks, the submission of proposals, eligibility criteria and funding conditions, evaluation procedures and deadlines.

  • Funding scheme: IA (Innovation Action)
  • Thematic Priority: Media as well as several fields of sciences social sciences/economics and business/social sciences/media and communications/journalism
  • Contract Type: H2020
  • Project Status: Ongoing project
  • Project Costs and Funding: See above (Total EU funding available)
  • Eligibility Requirements: See above (Submission & evaluation process)
  • Evaluation Criteria: See above (Submission & evaluation process)
  • Project Coordinator: Coordinated by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover