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MarketMakers–Request for proposal – production of documentary about marketmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Helvetas and Kolektiv d.o.o. make up the consortium for MarketMakers – a project supported by the Swiss Government. The project aims to create jobs for young women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), to increase self-employment among youth, and to increase opportunities for women’s inclusion in the labour market across the real sector as a whole. MarketMakers’ third and final phase began in June 2021 and runs until May 2023.

This Request for Proposal (RfP) refers to MarketMakers work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically, to document the story of MarketMakers efforts to create decent jobs and sustainable incomes for the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Overall Objective(s) of the Assignment

The documentary aims to present the story of MarketMakers that will ultimately bring the implementation methodology and rationale for investments closer to the end user, as well as reflect on MarketMakers’ previous work through the prism of a number of selected and successful interventions/partnerships in documentary video with interviews of project participants made by film narrator.

The overall objective of the assignment is for a service provider to produce a “biographical” documentary film, through the words of principal stakeholders, about the nature and successes of MarketMakers’ investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Scope of Work

The main task of the service provider is to produce a documentary video that will incorporate tasks, as follows:

1.         Creation of the documentary film production plan (based on the materials provided by MarketMakers)

2.         Creation of the script and shooting plan

3.         Production and postproduction of the documentary film

4.         Arranging foreign language subtitles for the documentary film in English.

By the end of the assignment, MarketMakers should be equipped with a high-quality documentary video that can be used for both promotional and learning purposes.

Time Schedule

The assignment should commence in the first half of August 2021, and be completed before the end of October 2021. The end-date cannot be moved, thus service providers not able to adhere to this timeline should not submit a proposal.

In the submitted technical proposal, all interested service providers should clearly indicate their proposed timeline for activities and deliverables.

One of the evaluation criteria will be the time efficiency for documentary completion relative to other submissions.


The gross budget for this assignment is 20.000,00 BAM as a maximum. This represents an absolute ceiling for which no proposal should exceed.

One of the evaluation criteria will be the cost-competitiveness of the bid relative to other submissions.

Offer and Deadlines

Interested service providers are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal, as per the following instructions:

Technical proposal: the technical proposal should contain the following four sections:

  • Brief CVs/resumes of the key personnel involved in the documentary (no more than 2 pages per person);
  • Timeline for completing activities 1-4 as stated in Section 3 “Scope of Work” (no more than 1 page)
  • Links or file share options to examples of similar previous film/video-based journalistic documentary work performed by the key personnel, preferably those that have been televised/broadcast (no more than 3 examples);

Financial proposal: clearly indicate not just the total budget required, but the exact budget breakdown as per each different activity and cost associated with the assignment.

The deadline for submitting offers to MarketMakers is Friday 16th July at 11:00 am. All proposals should be sent to the address: with the subject line “Documentary Film Proposal”.

MarketMakers plans to evaluate offers in the week commencing July 19th 2021 and will seek to contract the preferred bidder in the week commencing July 26th 2021. The assignment is expected to commence in the first half of August 2021.

Payment Schedule

This is negotiable with the preferred service provider. Instalments during the assignment are possible, though the majority of the payment will be reserved for when the final deliverables are accepted.

Sarajevo, July 2021