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IKI Small Grants

The implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) requires the effective participation of all social groups. With the IKI Small Grants scheme, the Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) specifically commits itself to strength-en small organisations worldwide. IKI Small Grants has been supporting small projects as well as funding institutions in developing and newly industrialising countries since 2019 and promotes their capacity development. IKI Small Grants is implemented by the Deutsche Ge-sellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and comprises the two funding lines ‘Funding Institutions’ and ‘International Calls’.

Funding line ‘Funding Institutions’

The funding line ‘Funding Institutions’ aims to support both, national and regional funding institutions, in developing their institutional capacities. Funding institutions have to be based in an ODA country. In the fields of climate and biodiversity protection, they are able to efficiently absorb financial means from (inter)national donors and to implement their own call for proposals. GIZ advises the funding institutions on these calls and implements targeted capacity development measures. In addition, funding of around 500,000 euros is distributed, which in part will be used to finance local projects selected by the funding institutions in the context of the call for proposals.

Funding line ‘International Calls’

The funding line ‘International Calls’ regularly conducts international calls for proposals which are announced on this website and via the IKI newsletter. In a one-stage selection procedure, small sub-national, national and regional organisations based in an ODA country can apply directly for funding for the implementation of local or regional climate and biodiversity projects. 

The second international call for proposal 2021 has started

In the first call, organisations could apply for grants of up to 100,000 euros. In the second call – starting date 01 December 2020 – projects in the field of greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation to climate change can, under certain circumstances, apply for funding of up to 200,000 euros.

IKI Small Grants further promotes the capacity development of the selected applicants by financing self-organised training measures and by providing support and advice through local GIZ offices in the partner countries. IKI Small Grants offers:

  • Methodological support for networking and advocacy work and through access to networks in the respective countries.
  • Tailor-made support and advice for the applicant through jointly developed capacity development measures. Additional funds are made available for these measures and, where possible, accompanied by GIZ in the project countries.
  • Possibilities of integration into the GIZ networks in the partner countries and international networks by enabling participation in workshops, training courses and events.
  • Supporting the inclusion of the small-scale projects in the political strategies of the respective partner countries. 

IKI Small Grants ‘International Calls’ is aiming to fund more than 100 projects by 2025 with up to 100,000 euros each (up to 200,000 euros for mitigation and, in special cases, adaptation measures). After the first selection round, IKI Small Grants is providing three million euros for 38 selected small projects in 27 countries.

More information here