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The EXPERIMENT calls provide €30,000 to €75,000 to support a consortium of two SMEs to experiment with the adoption of MBD for CPSs using assets and services from the platform, in particular from SMEs with less prior digital experience. Funding supports projects of 4–6 months duration.

HUBCAP is currently looking for two-SME consortia wanting to adopt and experiment with MBD tools for CPSs, with the goal of increasing the outreach and adoption of MBD and CPS technologies by providing funding and services for the deployment of MBD CPS products/services.

Each EXPERIMENT call will fund consortia of two SMEs, namely one user/adopter SME and one provider SME, to experiment with MBD either by integrating the HUBCAP ecosystem offers or implementing in a new MBD CPS solution. Experiments should support user/adopter SMEs who are less familiar with MBD for CPS to learn and experiment with these techniques, supported by the provider SME. Experiments should address a clear business need for the user/adopter SME in terms of improving the lifecycle process or design of CPS for example through visual prototyping or simulation of models.

What will your consortium receive?
  1.  Funding between €30k and €75k (per consortium)
  2.  Opportunities to connect with users and suppliers from various industries
  3.  Opportunities to access MBD CPS solutions and services provided by specialised entities
  4.  The chance to reach potential new customers
  5.  Access to a sustainable ecosystem of stakeholders active in multiple CPS domains
  6.  Access to support services and expertise from our DIHs

Make sure to read carefully the documentation kit (includes the programme guidelines) before applying.

Applications now open | Closing 4 March 2021 17h CET