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Green Businesses: The Future of the Balkans

On April 22nd, Balkan Green Foundation invites you to be part of an online discussion that will take place on Earth Day, where we will discuss the future of Western Balkans related to green businesses. We want to mark this significant day with each one of you to discuss regional problems regarding green businesses, green entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans, and how we can better tackle these problems together.

Are you already enthusiastic about our event? Then save the date: April 22, 2021, starting at 14:00 to join online on official Facebook pages of Balkan Green Foundation, Balkan Green Ideas and Heartbeats Innovation and Communication.
Now let’s dive a little deeper into it.

The world is constantly changing and in the past few years, it has been hard not to notice the sustainable revolution going on around us in the Balkans, a diverse region, full of green and social challenges (and solutions).
If you are a business owner, or you are thinking of starting a business, it’s likely that you have either already started your sustainable journey or are at least very much thinking about it. These days going green isn’t just about doing your bit for the Planet – it makes business sense, too.

Inspired by the best practices and participants in the first edition of Balkan Green Academy, we are hosting a final event where we will discuss and share some of the most important reflections, learnings and experiences from our 2020-2021 journey! Involving speakers who have been with us as entrepreneurs, mentors or evaluators – at this event, you will hear from all of them!

Join us to discover, enhance and support the green movement of the Balkans with three amazing female speakers:
 Tanja Bjelanović, with an MA in Cultural Policy and Management – Intercultural Mediation in the Balkans, has over 20 years of experience in civil society, including grant-making, program and project development and evaluation, training/capacity building in the Balkans and Caucasus region. She also has over 10 years of extensive experience in strategic and organizational development for civil society organizations, foundations, and government agencies, including the design of program strategies and organizational change management plans. She has served numerous clients such as: GDSI, RYCO, Western Balkan Fund, Helvetas/SDC, Oak Foundation, World Vision/Child Pact, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Trag Foundation, Divac Foundation, SIDA/Kosovo Civil Society Foundation, GIZ, Civic Initiatives, etc.
 Irina Toseva, from the beginning of her work in 2012, strives to go beyond the classical understanding of the functions “fashion designer” and “fashion” as primarily aesthetic, and to dive into the social, ethical aspects and their ecological understanding of these terms. Irina opts to make her creations unique and exciting, through new channels of creative expression. Through hard work and open mindedness makes effort to ensure her values are represented through her business. She is focused on testing the latest alternative production methods and committed to innovating and looking for new materials. Irina strongly believes in giving a little back, appreciating what life offers us every day and helping vulnerable groups whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged. Tosheva received the Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals Award in 2019.
 Adela Ramić has extensive experience in retail banking, financial risk analysis and assessment of the creditworthiness of small and medium companies. By formal education she is a Master of Management in Banking and Insurance from the University of Sarajevo. Her work experience includes: eight years in journalism, thirteen years in banking, two years in import and distribution. Since March 2020, she has been working as a Business Development Analyst at the Mozaik Foundation in Sarajevo, B&H, which includes mentoring and analysis for start-up companies of young people.

The Balkan Green Academy is supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy and USAID.

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