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EIT Urban Mobility ScaleTHENGlobal

Call for ScaleTHENGlobal is open until 02/05

Be part of the EIT Urban Mobility ScaleTHENGlobal and take your mobility startup to the next level!

The ScaleTHENGlobal is a EU-funded programme with pan-European dimension implemented through EIT Urban Mobility partners. We are looking for the most promising urban mobility startups with innovative solutions tackling city challenges.

ScaleTHENGlobal supports startups in scaling-up their business in Europe, driving growth and going international. It also supports startups from outside Europe willing to expand their business in the European ecosystem related to urban mobility.

The selected startups will get promoted at the Business Creation webpage with their profile, and through the EIT Urban Mobility communication channels.

Up to €50,000 (per applicant) of additional funding will be offered to the three best pilot projects. European startups will have to demonstrate their appropriateness and suitability to perform a pilot a project with one of the EIT Urban Mobility collaborating cities.

ScaleTHENGlobal also offers access to EIT Urban Mobility Business Creation investment initiatives and funding instruments.

Selected startups receive …

Up to € 50.000 for the 3
best pilot
 projects with collaborating cities

€25.000 worth of services for each selected startup

Access to high-level
networking EIT Urban
Mobility events

Participation in major
European city events

(Barcelona, Hamburg, and Prague)

Participation at mentoring Bootcamps,
carried out during the Ready2Scale

Joining the Demo Day, with the
participation of
stakeholders, investors, and city

Opportunity to take part in
internalization activities, such as field
trips outside of Europe

Visibility through the European
urban mobility startups map

Invitation and free access to
two first-rate City Club
speed dating events

Programme & partners

The EIT Urban Mobility ScaleTHENGlobal programme for 2021 includes:

  • The selection of 20 mature urban mobility startups that will constitute the pool of ScaleTHENGlobal participants.
  • €25k worth of support services provided by programme partners.
  • An internal selection process will be offered to the best 3 European startups for receiving up to €50,000 for performing a pilot with a partner city.
  • Participants will have access to EIT Urban Mobility networks and cities’ innovation projects.
  • For global outreach, the program organizes trips for ScaleTHENGlobal members looking to expand their activities beyond Europe.
  • Access to external events such as Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC2021) and ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg.
  • 5 non-european startups from the 20 participants will have a dedicated internalization package as part of the event.

Who should apply?

Eligibility criteria
To participate in the EIT Urban Mobility ScaleTHENGlobal programme you need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Startups should have received less than 1m EUR revenue (accumulated over startup lifetime)
  • No more than 50% of your shares are held outside of the eligible countries (no detailed cap table needed)
  • A team with at least 2 FTE (NOT a single founder): minimum 1 team member pursuing the startup fulltime (not necessarily connected to monetary compensation)
  • Founders and employees (e.g. ESOP) should still own more than 50% of shares
  • Startup total funding received should be less than 10 m EUR
  • A clear, scalable business idea
  • Duly justified, Minimum TRL 3, preferably TRL 7 – 9*
  • Startup must be incorporated in EU or EIT Urban Mobility participating countries. The registration certificate will be required to participate in the program.
  • €1bn addressable market
  • FIT with EIT UM City Club Challenges**:
    1. Shift to active modes of transport (walking & cycling)
    2. Avoid negative health, safety and environment impacts of urban mobility
    3. Improve urban logistics with a focus on last mile distribution
    4. Improve public transport service provision
    5. Improve the quality of public space
    6. Improve traffic flow management (incl. ITS)
    7. Avoid transition barriers
  • Has not previously benefiting from the EIT Urban Mobility Scale-up Hub programme.
  • Teams will be asked to elaborate on their fit and potential to do proof of concepts/ pilot projects related to the City Club Challenges as part of the online application
  • FIT with EIT UM ScaleTHENGlobal
    Teams will be asked to elaborate how they will engage and contribute to the ScaleTHENGlobal programme

The Application Process:
The 4 Steps to your successful future

1. Apply through our application platform

2. A panel of qualified evaluators will review your application

3. 27 preselected startups will perform a pitch in front of high-level jury

4. 15 selected startups will be notified no later than 24/05/2021

Process & Contact

For any questions or more information regarding the possibility to cooperate, please send an email to