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DigiFed launches open calls for Generic Experiment communities – Secure platform for IoT

DigiFed Generic Experiments Communities (GEC) are designed to test new collaborations between research centers and SMEs and Mid-Caps as well as develop new co-financing mechanisms between European and regional funding to foster European industry digitalization.

The objective of the Generic Experiment is to build communities of SMEs and Mid-Caps around a specific technical topic (GEC Topic) proposed by a DigiFed research centre (the GEC Owner).

GE Communities should aim to involve a group of about 10 European companies together with the experts from the research center.


  • Join one of 4 DigiFed GE communities
  • Collaborate with other companies to share pain points, needs, use-cases, needed specifications
  • Express their feedback on this new GE community service


  • Share your requirements and Use Case with other SMEs/Mid-Caps from different domains with the same technological needs.  
  • Have direct access to experts of the GEC owner topic and contribute to the technology roadmap of a leading research centre.   
  • Be in the loop of latest technological results on the GEC topic to be ready for market movements and stay a step ahead of your competitors. 
  • Become an active member of the DigiFed Network (12 Digital Innovation Hub and research centers) and expand your own network. 
  • Receive 5k€ cascade funding for your involvement and active feedback on the GE results and process (only requires a few days of commitment until the end of implementation – end of 2021). 


  • Willing to improve the security of your products or services to ensure security of your data or customer privacy. 
  • Looking for new solutions to secure your own infrastructure. 
  • Willing to learn about cybersecurity challenges and technical solutions.
  • A Cybersecurity solutions provider looking for new opportunities. 
  • Willing to sign the Standard Generic Experiment Agreement.

Call Information & Related Documents 

  • Call opening: 17th December 2020 
  • Call deadline: 17th February 2021, 17:00 (Brussels Time) 
  • Applicants shall be pan-European (EU member states or H2020 associated countries, including the UK) organisations residing in an EU Member State (including their overseas departments) or in one of the EU Associated Countries*. 
  • Applicants engage to sign the Standard Generic Experiment Agreement and to share their feedback on the GE technical results and on the GE community organisation.  
  • Applicants are small/medium (startups and SMEs) organisations residing in an EU Member State (including their overseas departments) or in one of the EU Associated Countries *. 
  • Further requirements on the European Commission’s SME definition can be found at: 
  • A legal entity will be considered a mid-cap (250-3,000 employees) if it complies with the European Commission’s and the European Investment Bank definition at:  
  • Applicants from the France – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are small/medium start-ups, SMEs and midcaps under 2000 employees if it complies with the European Commission’s and the European Investment Bank definition at:

* UK companies remain eligible for grants and procurement procedures as if the UK was a member state for the entirety of the Horizon 2020 framework programme and previous framework programmes. This also applies to financial support to third parties according to Article 204 FR (cascading grants) and applies for the duration of H2020 projects.