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CTTE open call deadline is extended – SMART4ALL First CTTE Open Call

Project full name: Self-Sustained Cross-Border Customised Cyber-physical System Experiments for Capacity Building among European Stakeholders
Project acronym: SMART4ALL
Grant agreement number: 872614
Publication Date: 1 December 2020
Deadline: 1 March 2021 extended to 15 March 2021 at 17:00 (Brussels time)
Web address for full open call information
Web address for application submissionsFunding Box (partner of the project) Platform

Additional Information:

SMART4ALL is a H2020 funded project (Grant Agreement No. 872614) that builds capacity amongst European stakeholders via the development of self-sustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry. It targets Customised Low-Energy Computing (CLEC), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and combines a set of unique characteristics that join together under a common vision different cultures, different policies, different geographical areas and different application domains. The targeted application areas are domains that are not adequately represented in current Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) projects and include digitised environment, digitised agriculture, digitised anything and digitised transport.

A total 67 cross-border Pathfinder Application Experiments (PAEs) will be executed by the SMART4ALL consortium members and by Third-Party consortia which will be financially supported via 3 open calls of the following 3 types:

  1. Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE), which comprise a novel type of internship experiments allowing smaller projects, or less mature ideas to be presented, tested and thus potentially find the fertile ground to grow and reveal its product potentials;
  2. Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTEs), focusing on one of the four defined underrepresented areas, will give the opportunity to form synergies, accelerate product orient projects and offer guidance towards successful commercialisation;
  3. Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTEs), targeting to more complex multidisciplinary transfers and productisation of novel CLEC CPS and the IoT technologies to wider markets.

The first call is a CTTE Open Call, in a single stage.

Who can apply?

Consortia composed of three different entities from at least two different countries including one Academic/Industrial partner who acts as a Technology Provider and an Industrial partner acting as a Technology Receiver and one Industrial productization partner to extend the value chain. Please, visit to find more information of the project.

The eligible countries are: EU Member States (including the United Kingdom), H2020 Associated countries and any other South-East Europe countries not listed above and included in Annex A of the H2020 Work Programme.

Consortia including at least one member of the following South-East Europe countries will be prioritised: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.