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Conference ‘Children in Migration: Perspectives from South East Europe’

Global Campus South East Europe/European Regional Master Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (GCSEE/ERMA) is pleased to invite you to attend the online conference ‘Children in Migration: Perspectives from South East Europe’ taking place on Zoom on 17 April 2021 at 10.00 CET.

The conference will focus on presenting and discussing the preliminary findings of research done by 16 researchers from five countries of South East Europe. Research encompasses different issues around children in migration through the region, from identification and arbitrariness of age assessment to guardianship and access to education and integration. The objectives of the conference are to contribute to a mutual understanding of the highest child rights standards enshrined in international and regional mechanisms, as well as to create a space for knowledge exchange between relevant stakeholders, experts and practitioners working directly with children in migration in different countries of South East Europe.

A keynote speech shall be given by Prof. Nevena Vučković Šahović, who served as a member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (2003-2009). The conference shall also see the participation of several other national and regional experts on children, migration and human rights.

Attached please find detailed information on the conference, including the agenda.

You can participate by following this link:

GCSEE Children in migration Conference