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Europeanization Beyond Process

The Program

Program Description
As a Policy Hub, Aspen Germany will support selected policy research organizations from the Western Balkans in identifying potential local partners in Berlin, facilitate for their scoping or advocacy visits, and assist with the preparations of these visits, including the setup of meetings, and a roundtable event to increase outreach. Physical visits are subject to the limitations of the ongoing public health situation in Germany and the Western Balkans as well as the international travel restrictions resulting from it. The Aspen Institute Germany reserves the right to monitor and evaluate the situation and make decisions regarding the format of any visit on a rolling basis. Depending on the developments of the ongoing public health situation, visits to Berlin are likely to take place in an online format. The specific date of the visit is determined in coordination with Aspen Germany and successful applicants. For more information on the difference between scoping and advocacy visits, please see the section entitled “Eligible Activities” below.
Program Objectives
This program aims to help policy organizations from the Western Balkans to better understand the policy scene in Berlin, meet Berlin-based organizations and policy makers, and improve their understanding of Germany, German policies, and in particular German Western Balkan policies, and/or enhance the effectiveness of their advocacy. Through the establishment of contacts to German policymakers and think tanks, a more sustainable and impactful involvement of Western Balkans organizations in Western European policy debate is intended.

The Application

Submission of the Application
To submit your application please fill out our application survey. By submitting your answers, you confirm to have read the call for applications, that your organization is eligible to apply, and that you meet the conditions required for admission to the program.
Evaluation Procedure
After submitting your application via the survey, Aspen Germany will evaluate your application. Please be sure to submit all requested information, as we will not consider incomplete applications.
Notification of successful applicants
Applicants will be notified of their application status within one month after the application deadline.
For further information about the program or procedure, please contact Tina Bories at

The Timetable

  • Publication of the call: November 10, 2020
  • Deadline for submitting applications: December 31, 2020
  • Evaluation period: January 01 – January 15, 2021
  • Notification of successful applicants: End of January 2021
  • Potential timeframe for visits: February – December 2021

Admissibility Requirements

Applicants must be independent, non-partisan and non-profit organizations in the sense that they neither have an affiliation with political parties nor dependencies in forms of revenue structures with single entities. Further, applying organizations must work towards supporting and strengthening reform processes in any field related to the EU accession process.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Organizations
Independent policy research organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia that strengthen democratic processes by identifying political, economic, and social problems, and researching them in a non-partisan and policy-relevant way are eligible to participate in this program. The program further supports the interaction of policy research organizations with governments to advance better policy responses, to involve nongovernmental stakeholders in policy debates, and disseminate their research findings widely.
Eligible Activities
There are two different types of online visits that organizations can apply for: scoping and advocacy visits. Scoping visits are intended for organizations that have no or very limited experience in Berlin’s political scene. The idea is to get a better understanding of Berlin’s political landscape and to make first contact with relevant stakeholders and interlocuters. Advocacy visits are intended for organizations that have already engaged in similar activities in Berlin and are therefore better able to communicate a tailored message to identified interlocuters in Berlin. Organizations conducting an advocacy visit are expected to prepare a short policy brief (max. 5 pages) in advance of their visit, which will be distributed among their interlocutors before their meetings.
Eligible Participants
Individuals that make up the delegations from successful applications should be assuming responsibilities in the organization’s leadership or senior research activities. Participants are expected to be experts in their respective fields and should therefore have several years of professional experience in research, leadership, advocacy, or politics.

Data Protection

Privacy Policy
The data you submit throughout your application to this program will be used exclusively in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) for the aim of carrying out the Institute’s purpose as described in § 2 of theStatutes of Association of the Aspen Institute Deutschland e.V., and do not serve any commercial purpose.

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