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BETTER FACTORY ( is a 4-year H2020-funded project (Grant Agreement 95813) aiming to help European manufacturers to become more competitive in the global market. Manufacturing Companies will discover new business models and digitise their factories to match the production of new or personalised products, thanks to the collaboration with Artists and Technology Suppliersduring the lifetime of the Better Factory project and beyond.
The project consortium coordinated by VTT (Finland), includes 28 partners from 18 European countries representing the arts ecosystem, technology providers, industrial clusters, technology suppliers, business developers, legal framework, and communication and dissemination.


Through this Open Call, Better Factory will select 8 consortia composed of 3 members – one manufacturing company, one artist and one technology supplier – to participate in a Knowledge Transfer Program. The selected consortia, referred to as a Knowledge Transfer Experiment (KTE), will be supported to design new product lines and deploy automation solutions in the factory. 

The 1st Better Factory Open Call for Full Proposals will enable:

  • manufacturing companies to enter new markets or become more innovative and competitive on existing markets with customisable products or service portfolios.
  • artists, with an industrial background, to create new business models for themselves and reach new prospective clients.
  • technology suppliers to reach out to new potential customers and test technologies in real-life situations with low financial risk.

Full proposals must be submitted by a consortium composed of one manufacturing company, one artist and one technology supplier. Based on a given challenge expressed by manufacturing companies, the consortium will work together to submit the joint proposal. All correctly submitted proposals will enter the evaluation process and the selected consortia will sign a Sub-Grant Agreement.  A template for the Full Proposal is available in order to complete your application. The Full Proposal is mandatory in the application process.

Collaborations between Manufacturing Companies, Artists and Tech Suppliers can take on many forms and deliver a wide variety of outcomes.  At a technical level, the focus will be to minimise the impact on production cost and to create more value by:

  • Reducing  waste, energy and other production resources;
  • Optimising factory logistic;
  • Using robots to support workers;
  • Production preplanning and simulation.

At a sectoral level, the sectors prioritised are:

  • Plastic and Rubber
  • Furniture and Wood
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Metal and Machinery
  • Textile and Leather

Publication date: 1 May 2021
Deadline: 15 July 2021 at 17.00 (Brussels time)


Apply now for a chance to become one of the successful consortia which will:

  • Explore new markets using digital technologies
  • Test & develop new Lean-Agile production technologies with RAMP
  • Access training to re-skill staff
  • Get business support and mentoring
  • Receive up to EUR 200,000equity-free funding.